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About Bigelow Truck Brokers, Inc.

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Bigelow Truck Brokers has been singled out in the produce industry for providing stellar refrigerated transport across the Midwestern United States for over 30 years.

Originally established in Salinas, California in 1983, and now based in Glendale, Arizona, Bigelow Truck Brokers has grown and expanded refrigerated produce transport service lanes throughout the greater part of the country. This has led to increased availability and a greater opportunity to serve a constantly growing and transforming market for both our customers and carriers. Bigelow Truck Brokers recently met with an incredible response through the introduction of the Texas Valley lane.

At Bigelow Truck Brokers, we deeply value and honor our long term history of success by continuing to be the best in securing reliable temperature controlled produce transportation while upholding excellent customer satisfaction.We believe communication is the key to any successful venture. Our seasoned staff holds decades of combined industry experience that has led to unparalleled professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and outstanding service which consistently rates us highly with both the Blue Book and the Red Book - maximizing our ability to meet our commitment to provide the absolute best in freight transportation service. From our specialty lanes of California and Arizona to the upper Midwest growing regions, we consistently deliver the quality and service that has built our business for over 30 years.

At Bigelow Truck Brokers, we pride ourselves on our performance. We strive to build successful, long-lasting relationships with our clients and carriers that will ensure we continue to be considered among the top transportation providers for refrigerated goods for many years to come.