Federal Criminal Justice Information System

Manage Your Law Enforcement Data

Manage every part of a federal law enforcement case with Tyler’s Criminal Justice Information System application. Depending on the type of incident or investigation, the configurable application applies the exact workflows to track, manage, and report the specific data you need. From intake to closure, the Criminal Justice Information System application ensures the interests of all parties are protected while adhering to ever-changing government mandates. It improves efficiency, transparency, and accuracy throughout the life of a case.

  • Data and workflow management

  • Command and control

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Mobile data collection

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Hosting and security

  • Public portal

  • NIBRS compliant

Incident Management, Anywhere

At the scene or back in the office, the Incident Management module supports the workflows your organization has configured. Witness statements, online citations, and fact sheets are a few examples of the forms that can be filled out, submitted, and approved online through the system. The Incident Management module can be used on a mobile device to capture real-time information received from computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems, automatic vehicle location (AVL) software, automated license plate recognition (ALPR) equipment, and other mobile solutions to pre-populate the incident report.

Streamlined Investigations Management

The Investigations Management module allows your investigators to process cases in less time. It lowers investigative costs, automates workflows, connects information from multiple sources, and reduces physical paperwork. The module also provides visibility and access to all stakeholders via a secure, web-based interface and simplifies the process of creating and sharing reports.

Mobile Data Collection

The optional Data Collect Mobile module works on mobile devices to support inspections, investigations, reporting, and evidence collection. It allows users to collect and log information remotely, and if the officer does not have an internet connection, the application can work offline until a connection is reestablished. It replaces traditional note-taking methods with documentation that can be completed on the go to create configurable, easy-to-share reports.

Engaging With the Public

Public portal functionality extends the reach of your law enforcement officers. The Access public portal, integrated with the Incident Management module, gives citizens the ability to submit tips and report crimes. The data is added to new or existing cases, helping you to see the big picture faster.

Analytics for Transparency and Collaboration

Present your team with accurate information in clear visual formats so they can make better decisions.

  • Filter, sort, and search from a single page
  • Instantly gather information from any device
  • Render data on maps, timelines, dashboards, and reports to provide insights and optimize operations
  • Monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your programs

Powerful Reporting

Use the application to easily generate reports as a by-product of your investigation instead of another item on the to-do list. Reports can be shared securely to enhance transparency and collaboration. Pre-defined reports include:

  • Person/Vehicle/Background Search
  • Evidence Report
  • Case Status Report
  • Offenses Report
  • Report of Investigation
  • Incident Report

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