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What are Connected Communities?

Truly connected communities are achieved when residents and government are active participants of making a community work and thrive – technology interconnectivity is only a piece of this puzzle. When people actually feel as though they are a partner in driving community safety, participation, and openness, a sense of ownership, confidence, and peace of mind is achieved.

We have a vision of making this happen by taking care of the technology piece via a digital infrastructure connecting cities, counties, state, and federal government services and schools to give agencies the ability to “talk” to each other and share insights across departments and geographic boundaries.

The end result is an engaged, transparent, thriving community.

See Why Connected Communities Are Strong Communities

  • Leaders can make informed decisions

  • Communities become safer

  • Government is more transparent

  • Community members are more engaged

  • Efficiency is the norm; processes and systems are simplified

  • Department and geographic information silos are broken down

What do Connected Communities look like?

Oftentimes, the frustrations of both residents and public sector servants are similar – too much paper, red tape, inefficiencies, roadblocks, and too little streamlining, engagement, visibility, and communication – Connected Communities foster the latter.

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How does it work?

It Starts With a Family of Products

  • Includes software and apps with a common look, feel, and user experience
  • Designed to work both together and independently
  • Behind-the-scenes connectivity

Supported by Common Foundational Elements

  • GovTech Stack enables connected communities to foundationally exist; a complete stack includes data and analytics, citizen engagement, data storage and integration, and admin and management systems.
  • Underlying technology is the same for all products and apps and include notification, payments, single sign-on, data exchange, workflow, and content management to name a few.
  • Elements allow software and apps to seamlessly “talk” to each other.

Housed in the Cloud for Connectivity, Security, and Data Insights

  • Provides the framework for development, training, and collaboration to support scalable, cost-efficient, and secure apps via the AWS cloud
  • Allows for information-sharing across departments, jurisdictions, and geography
  • Makes real-time information readily available and accessible, and easy to interpret

Enables Transparency and Citizen Engagement

  • Uniformed user experience for agencies and constituents eliminates frustration
  • Easy access to data
  • Apps for two-way communication