Workers’ Compensation
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Supporting Workers’ Compensation Claims as Well as Business Requirements

Tyler's Workers’ Compensation Claims Management software solution automates processes while adhering to the complex rules and regulations that drive workers’ comp policies and procedures. It enables government agencies to successfully receive, monitor, and process claims quickly and properly.
  • Claim submission

  • Supervisor claim review and submission OWCP findings

  • Reason for employer denial of continuation of pay

  • Compensation paid

Tailored to Workers’ Compensation Claim Management

The workers' compensation solution is designed to support a wide variety of workers comp claims — including work-related injury, occupational disease, and workplace-incurred fatality — as well as specific agency, regulatory, and business requirements.

  • The solution streamlines key worker’s compensation processes such as claim submission, supervisor claim review and submission, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) findings, reason for employer denial of continuation of pay, and compensation paid.
  • Claims processing times are accelerated while the cost of claims processing is reduced.
  • Gain visibility into the entire WC program via a secure, web-based interface.
  • Agencies can easily accommodate changing WC requirements without changing code.

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