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A More Effective Way to Manage Vocational Rehabilitation

Tyler's Vocational Rehabilitation software solution is designed to efficiently manage all aspects of VR services administration. Using customized business rules and workflow management, the system automates paper-based processes and streamlines every task, giving counselors and other VR staff the freedom to focus on ensuring each client receives the guidance and services needed to achieve their vocational goals.
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) compliance

  • Appointment scheduling and calendaring

  • Service plan management and forms

  • Fiscal management

  • Self-service client access

  • Accessible design

Automating Vocational Rehabilitation Processes

By automating processes, the solution supports collaborative case development and enables VR agencies to better manage their workloads.

  • Features like task lists, correspondence wizards, and built-in alerts allow counselors to spend less time on administrative work and more time in front of their clients.
  • Client-specific information, such as school records, is attached to the client and can be associated with multiple cases while case-specific documents like service authorizations and IPEs are only associated with that case.
  • The end result is that one large client file is separated and organized to improve the way you manage, store, and retrieve information.

Adapt to VR Changes

Tyler’s vocational rehabilitation solution has the flexibility to change as situations and regulations change, whether due to staffing changes, legislative changes, or population changes in your community.

  • The system is configurable to adjust to new policies such as the RSA PD-19-03 policy directive, which requires the tracking of job placement successes and the quality of jobs received.
  • It is easy to make system-wide updates to staff and contact information.
  • The scalable architecture allows the system to handle an ever-changing number of VR counselors, providers, service types, and service recipients.

Stay in Compliance with Federal Regulations

Because state vocational rehabilitation programs receive federal funds, they must be careful to remain compliant with federal regulations.

  • The solution helps VR agencies manage the over 400 pieces of data they are required to track by the RSA, along with the thousands of individual rules they must follow.
  • Built-in functionality helps VR counselors track budgets and maintain specific records of the federal monies that are used to reimburse state VR programs.
  • The solution helps the agency follow federal rules for using, applying, recording, and documenting the funds for each case.

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