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How To Get the Full Picture of Recovery

Gain Insights with Leading Economic Data.

Economic Intelligence delivers leading indicator data to state and local government leaders for measuring the impact of economic programs. Packaging exclusive commercial economic data at the census-tract level in an intuitive interface allows you to derive insights on day one and monitor economic trends affecting your community.

  • Access to commercial economic data

  • Alerts to connect data to action

  • Metrics pre-configured in an intuitive interface

  • On-the-fly analysis with industry breakouts

  • Maps with economic data down to the census tract level

  • Track consumer spending, business revenue, and mobility

  • Exportable data for flexible analysis

  • Connect to Enterprise Data Platform

Drive Better Economic Outcomes

Granular, timely commercial economic data provides increased awareness of your economy's strengths and weaknesses. State and local governments can lead strategic, equitable economic programs by tracking and making decisions based on the following metrics.

  • Business revenue metrics
  • Consumer spending metrics
  • Mobility metrics
  • Real estate market metrics

Connect to Enterprise Data Platform

Connect commercial economic data with your own operational data and share insights across your enterprise dashboards. Provide an easy and quick overview of key economic indicators to stakeholders with Enterprise Data Platform’s key benefits.

  • Turnkey analytics & instant insights
  • Seamless internal data-sharing and collaboration
  • User-friendly, customizable dashboards, and reports
  • Secure and compliant data management

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