Performance Management Insights

Performance Insights ensures your targets and measures are based on data. With current and comprehensive information, you can link resources to outcomes and gain support for your programs.

Configure KPI targets, alerts, metrics, and bookmarks for different users or functional areas to surface issues early so policymakers can intervene before a hurdle becomes a crisis, ensuring that operations continue smoothly.

  • KPI generation and metadata

  • API management

  • Threshold alerts

  • Internal dashboards and self-service reporting

  • Geo dashboards

  • Share reports with teams and individuals

Maximize Your Success

Giving your entire team insight into work being done allows them to adjust, improve, and optimize their efforts.

  • Ensure targets and measures are based on up-to-date data
  • Create goals across all your departments or functional areas
  • Scale your performance program up or down as needed
  • Foster a learning environment by trying new approaches and measuring the impact

Tell Your Story

Sharing your plans and priorities in accessible formats helps residents understand your work and how it impacts them.

  • Dashboards provide a quick overview of how your organization is doing in pursuit of its goals
  • Visualizations and analysis tell your story
  • Informed residents can provide more meaningful feedback
  • Progress on public programs can be recognized widely

Promote and Track Your Key Performance Indicators

Help the public and executive leaders follow your progress on your goals with up-to-date dashboards.

  • Monitor progress, adjust activities, and evaluate the effectiveness of your programs
  • Publish goals to keep teams accountable and see trends over time
  • Succeed in effective service delivery by making decisions based on facts

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