Background Investigation
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Background Investigation and Personnel Security and Suitability

A background investigation software solution plays a critical role in the larger personnel security and suitability process, which also includes adjudication, evaluation, analytics, and even invoicing. Personnel security and suitability programs determine the fitness of individuals to hold certain roles, which is particularly important for agencies whose employees hold public trust positions.

  • Captures all relevant data elements to perform a full investigation

  • Handles waiver, background investigation, and clearance adjudication

  • Configures and connects systems in a way that best suits your agency’s needs

Manages All Levels of Complexity

Personnel security and suitability gets more complex as levels of classification, qualification, sensitivity, and risk rise.

  • Configure the system to add rules or additional processes to accommodate clearances and other higher security levels that may add layers to the investigative process.
  • Use business process tracking to capture each candidate’s details in a personnel security folder.
  • Track and report on all structured data (forms) and unstructured data (documents, images, videos, etc.).

Ensures Full Vetting, Fast

To be effective, the background investigation process has to be thorough, but it also has to happen quickly.

  • Case management promotes comprehensive inquiry while automating and streamlining processes.
  • Accurate tracking, both historical and in real time, helps meet reporting requirements.
  • The solution tracks elements including past employment, outside activities, legal issues, security clearances, criminal background checks, and personal associations.

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Partner Case Study

Tyler and Chainbridge Solutions together provided a Personnel Security Adjudications Tracking System to the NRC.

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