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Track and Report on Your Ethics Management Program

Tyler's Ethics Management solution automates ethics management programs through the preparation, review, and filing of annual financial disclosure and ethics training reports.

  • Streamlines ethics investigations and reporting while ensuring compliance with state and federal laws

  • Supports clear oversight and program control to reduce errors and speed the process

  • Provides comprehensive reporting tailored to an ethics management program’s needs

Complex Rules, Simplified Reporting

Tyler’s Ethics Management software adheres to the complex rules and regulations that drive ethics management programs and includes numerous summary reports that can be run by users based on defined roles and access permissions. Additional reports can be easily configured to match an organization’s needs.

  • Ethics pledge compliance assessment report
  • Ethics training compliance report
  • Late filing fee-liable report
  • Travel report for payments of travel accepted from non-federal sources
  • End of confidential financial disclosure reporting period report
  • End of the public financial disclosure (PFD) reporting period report
  • Public financial disclosure (PFD) transaction and termination reports
  • Financial disclosure certification tracking report

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