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FOIA Management and Automation

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires federal agencies in the executive branch to disclose records to the public and produce detailed reports showing they have complied with the FOIA. Unfortunately, managing requests for information can become a complex, time-consuming endeavor without a solution like the Tyler FOIA Request Management software.

  • Simplifies every step of a FOIA request, for every stakeholder

  • Streamlines submission of annual and quarterly FOIA reports

  • Supports document management for easy request fulfillment

Designed With Internal and External Users in Mind

The FOIA solution simplifies every step of a FOIA request, for both the requesting party and the knowledge worker responding to the request. For the public, the system features a user-friendly, web-based portal that makes it easy to submit requests. Your agency can create templates for automatically-generated response letters to acknowledge the request and to keep the requesting citizen apprised of the status as you move through the process. At the same time the system allows your agency’s FOIA officers to manage FOIA requests easily:

  • Track and assign incoming requests
  • Manage request processing times
  • Manage adjudications
  • Deliver requested documentation
  • Identify what information has already been delivered
  • Receive and process appeals
  • Reduce the cost of processing requests
  • Provide visibility across the agency’s entire FOIA program
  • Streamline reporting

FOIA Requests Simplified

The comprehensive functionality streamlines the receipt and the fulfillment of FOIA requests and makes it easier to compile the necessary reports.

  • Public portal for citizens to submit requests
  • Full lifecycle tracking and administration of requests
  • Digital interface with to receive requests
  • Supports generation of DOJ Annual FOIA Report
  • Optional Document Management module allows users to store, retrieve, preview, redact, annotate, and share documents.

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